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Automotive/Tire Liability

Potholes to Paychecks

Selecting the right attorney for tire liability cases is crucial, and at Bianca Calderón de Lachica’s firm, we offer unparalleled commitment. Here’s why you should choose us for tire liability matters:

Knowledgable in Tire Liability Law: Bianca Calderón de Lachica possesses experience and knowledge in tire liability, understanding the intricate legal landscape surrounding these cases.

Tireless Advocacy: We are dedicated to advocating for victims of tire-related accidents. Bianca is passionate about holding negligent parties accountable for the injuries and damages they cause.

Proven Results: With a history of success in tire liability cases, Bianca Calderón de Lachica has secured compensation for clients, ensuring they receive the support needed for recovery.

Our Process

Tire-related accidents can result in severe consequences, and Bianca Calderón de Lachica is here to guide you through the legal complexities. Our tire liability services include:

Thorough Investigation

We conduct a detailed examination of the tire-related incident, analyzing factors such as manufacturing defects, improper maintenance, and product recalls.

Determining Negligence

Our team scrutinizes the actions of all involved parties, determining if negligence contributed to the tire-related accident, and building a strong case accordingly.

Pursuing Maximum Compensation

Whether through negotiation or litigation, we tirelessly pursue the maximum compensation for injuries, medical expenses, and other damages caused by tire liability.

Houston Laws and Regulations for Tire Liability

Houston, Texas, follows state and federal laws governing tire liability, including:

Product Liability Laws

Texas law holds manufacturers and sellers liable for defective products, including faulty tires that lead to accidents.

Tire Safety Standards

Federal regulations set safety standards for tire manufacturing, ensuring products meet certain quality and performance criteria.

Manufacturer Recalls

Manufacturers must adhere to recall procedures if defects are identified, and failure to do so may result in legal consequences.

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