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Ms. Bianca Calderón de Lachica Bianca Calderón de Lachica Law Firm PC 6309 Skyline Dr Houston TX 77057 

Re: The Million Dollar Advocates Forum Membership 

Dear Ms. Calderón de Lachica

Your application for membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum has been approved. Enclosed are your certificates of membership and a press release announcing your membership. Members have asked that we issue such a release so that they may provide it to their local and regional newspapers, bar associations, clients and referring attorneys, etc. Most newspapers run regular People In Businesstypes of columns for which such information is well suited. You may wish to submit the press release to such publications together with additional biographical or caserelated information and a photograph. Newspapers are likely to be interested in the details of the case(s) which qualified you for membership to the extent such details may be publicly disclosed. Many newspapers have run full feature articles on members and their successful practices. Having begun in 1993, we now have over 7800 members. Fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members

Membership invitations are only open to attorneys who objectively appear to be qualified, including those who have published reports of major cases and those who are proposed for membership by current members. If you know of other trial lawyers who may be qualified and interested in membership, please send us their names and we will send them an application, advising them that you have proposed their name for membership

Members are allowed to use the logos and other trademarks applicable to their level of membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum to identify themselves as members on stationary, email, cards, advertising, websites, etc. However, please see the complete terms of use at 

Million Dollar Advocates Forum, LLC 

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